About Us

At Mindgym, we see early childhood education as a key stepping stone to a flourishing future –– the early stages of a child’s life largely influence their social and academic capabilities. Under the professional guidance of our experienced educators, children will develop into enthusiastic and proactive learners. To prepare them for the transitions in their academic and social lives, we take on a holistic approach of learning, which helps our children become critical and creative thinkers and reach their full potential. We value mental skill development, and hope to produce observant individuals that will challenge the convention and step out of their comfort zone to explore the new and unknown.

By engaging them in stimulating group and individual-based activities, we aim to pique children’s interest in learning and accompanying them on their quest for knowledge. Through socialising and sharing with their peers, we hope to strengthen your child’s self-confidence and boost both their social and emotional intelligence.

We take pride in providing the optimal education environment for your child to thrive and learn in. We use child-friendly maths manipulatives, self-made materials and various games to create a multi-sensory learning environment for your child.

We strongly encourage partnership between our educators and parents, as parental involvement is essential to a child becoming a well-rounded individual.